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Moving to Florida: Should I update my will?

The weather isn't the only thing that's different when you move to Florida. The laws are different too, including probate and estate planning issues.

If you head south for your retirement years, the change of location may not invalidate your will, but it's very likely to complicate your carefully-crafted estate plans in some form. State laws vary, laws change, and families change with time too.

What can cause a will to be challenged?

Wills are a pillar of the estate planning world, and no estate is complete without one. With that said, wills aren't immune from a legal challenge. When facing a legal challenge, parts of the will, or even the entire will, could be thrown out.

Even in such cases, there are caveats. Most judges will want to see a deceased person's last wishes go through unimpeded, and as such most legal challenges to a will are bound to fail. Here are a few of the circumstances that could lead to a successful legal challenge to a will:


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