Your Estate Plan: What Do You Need?

Many individuals and families struggle with estate planning. It is difficult to plan for the future, but it can make life much easier for yourself and your loved ones.

What documents do you need in your estate plan? This is one of the most common questions our law firm hears. Our experienced legal team at Peter J. Snyder, P.A., can help you answer this question and help you prepare for the future.

Evaluating Your Needs And Goals

Located in Boca Raton, we help individuals and families throughout Palm Beach and Broward Counties with their estate planning needs.

Attorney Peter J. Snyder has more than 30 years of experience. He understands the legal system and the benefits of having a properly drafted and accurate estate plan. He also has broad litigation experience involving will contests and other probate and guardianship issues. Our office also handles mental health, incapacity, and substance abuse issues.

The estate planning process is unique for every person and family. We will evaluate your individual circumstances and goals to determine what documents you should have in your estate plan. Your estate plan may include a will, trust, durable power of attorney, living will, designation of health care surrogate other important documents depending on your specific needs.


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