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Foreclosure Defense - FAQ Videos

-Can an automatic stay in a bankruptcy case delay or stop a foreclosure?

-What is a short sale?

-When should I try to do a short sale?

-What is loss mitigation?

-What is an underwater mortgage?

-What is the difference between a refinancing and a loan modification?

-What is the difference between a lender and a servicer?

-What is a loan forbearance?

-Will the foreclosure process affect my credit score?

-When will I be able to get another mortgage and buy another house after a foreclosure?

-What happens if I am renting a home that is foreclosed?

-Does a foreclosure in Florida mean I lose any equity I have in the property?

-How are most foreclosure cases settled in Florida?

-What do I do after I am served with a summons and foreclosure complaint?

-What will happen if I do not do anything, but ignore the summons and foreclosure complaint?

-At what point in the foreclosure process will I have absolutely no options left?

-Can the property be sold or refinanced if I am in the process of foreclosure?

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