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Foreclosure Defense - FAQ Videos

-The bank is foreclosing on my house. What do I do?

-How will I know when a foreclosure has started?

-Once the foreclosure process starts, is there anything I can do to stop it?

-What can an experienced and knowledgeable attorney do to help me with my foreclosure?

-What is a notice of default?

-What is a lis pendens?

-Why should I defend the foreclosure if I realize I am behind on payments?

-Should I defend the foreclosure if I am underwater or owe more money than the property's market value is worth?

-I receive letters and notices from people claiming they can help me save my home. Can I rely upon all of their assurances?

-What should I do If I do not want to sell my home or property and prefer to give the keys to the bank and walk away?

-What happens if I just mail the keys to the bank and walk away?

-If my house has a homestead exemption, can I still lose my house in a foreclosure?

-In a foreclosure, can the mortgage lender go after my other assets?

-Are foreclosure laws different from state to state?

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