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October 2019 Archives

A living will and health care surrogate can work well together

A living will and a health care surrogate designation are both advance directives that can help make sure someone’s preferred medical decisions are made, even if he or she cannot make them. Because both documents serve a similar purpose, many people only choose to include one of them in their estate plan. However, the two documents provide the most coverage when they can work together.

Important things to know about community associations

Many who move down here to Florida experience many things for the first time. While it may not be at the top of the list, having a community or homeowner association as part of a new home in a planned community may an adjustment. Twenty percent of properties in the U.S. have these organizations attached to them, but that number skews much higher here in Florida. These organizations are designed to spare the owner of a single-family home, condominium or townhouse of certain obligations while also ensuring specific standards that members believe maintain quality of life and property values.

Delays during probate are common

The loss of a loved one is rarely easy, particularly if the death was unexpected. Ideally, the decedent worked with a knowledgeable estate law attorney to draft a will, trust or other estate planning tools, but even with this planning, however, the probate process here in Florida can become delayed.

The value in starting an estate plan when you’re young

You’re all for preparation, but if someone were to recommend you draft an estate plan, you might laugh. After all, you’re in your twenties, and in the past few years alone so much has changed about your life. You’re far more focused in the day to day than you are in what lies in the far future. What’s more, estate plans and wills are all typically made by the elderly, right? After all, these are people who’ve been saving for decades.

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