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Best Time of Year to Sell a Home in Florida

Feb. 8, 2021

Many people looking to sell their home falsely believe that they have a short window to do so each year. However, sellers in Florida should inform themselves of the benefits of marketing their home during every season.


Selling your home during the spring allows nature to help you improve your curb appeal. When people pull into the driveway to check out your home, they will take note of colorful flowers and other scenery that work together to make your home more appealing. It is also worth noting that industry experts say that spring is the season with the most home buyers.


When all the buyers who don’t find what they’re looking for during spring get more determined than ever to buy a new home, the summer market heats up. Depending on your market, if home prices are high during the spring, you may be able to get even more out of your home by waiting to sell during the summer.


Typically, the people who look for a home to buy during autumn are more serious about finishing a deal. While the market may be flooded with buyers who are “just looking” in spring and summer, fall home buyers are typically motivated to get the deal done. Whether it’s because they lost a bid during the warmer months or because they decided to wait, autumn provides a great chance to sell your home.


Some buyers want to be in a new home before the holidays so they can plan family festivities. Having your home on the market during winter may reduce curb appeal, but you can have it staged in a way that illustrates holiday warmth. There may not be as many buyers during winter, but the ones who are looking will be determined.

While your real estate agent can provide invaluable information, don’t be afraid to also employ the services of an attorney who knows Florida real estate law. This attorney can help in reviewing contracts and ensure that everything is operating within the framework of the law.