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Selecting the right guardian for older adults

As older adults' lives wind down, their physical and mental abilities decline. Cooking, cleaning and other daily tasks often become a burden, which leaves those responsibilities in the hands of their children or other caretakers. As the role reversal continues, many older adults or their children decide that helping around the house is not enough and that a responsible adult needs to be the parent's legal guardian to take on financial responsibilities and make health care decisions.

Tips for keeping solo agers happy and safe

An essential part of estate planning is determining how to pass wealth and assets along to a spouse, children and grandchildren. However, some choose not to have children or outlived them. Another common option is children are unavailable or incapable of taking care of the parent. Once their spouse passes or they divorce, these older individuals become what retirement experts call “solo agers.”

Types of guardianships in Florida

When you're looking into guardianships in Florida, one thing you should know is that there are two different primary types: a voluntary guardianship as well as an involuntary guardianship. Voluntary guardianship is allowed for adults who are mentally competent but who may not be able to manage their own estates. These individuals can petition for the appointment of a guardian.

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