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How Estate Planning and A Super Bowl Halftime Show Are Connected

Feb. 7, 2018

Millions of people tuned in to watch the Super Bowl last weekend. Some watched for the commercials, others watched for the game. But many people watched just for the halftime show.

Whether you were a fan of this year’s performance or not, it did bring up an unusual topic people typically don’t think about during a football game or Justin Timberlake concert: estate planning.

News outlets reported that initially, the halftime show was going to feature a hologram of the late iconic musician, Prince.

However, those plans were changed when Prince’s longtime friend Shiela E. objected. She stated that Prince would have never wanted his image to be utilized in this manner, and Prince himself stated 20 years ago that such technology “really is demonic.”

While the plans for the hologram were scrapped, the fact that it was ever an issue likely stems from the fact that Prince died without a will and without naming someone to handle these matters on his behalf. Prince was a vocal critic of virtual reality and similar technologies; he was also private, religious and fiercely protective of his work. Despite all this, Prince had no estate plan restricting use of his image.

This may seem like an issue reserved only for musical legends, but the fact is that protecting your wishes with a will is something everyone can benefit from.

For instance, in your estate plan, you might specify that you do not want certain medical treatments that go against your religious beliefs; you can also name a trusted representative who will make decisions on your behalf that align with your wishes and best interests. You might also provide explanations and guidance that can live on indefinitely in the lives of your loved ones.

Having an estate plan is critical in controlling how your wishes are carried out when you can no longer express them. And whether you are a famous celebrity or not, your wishes deserve protection.