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Legal Guidance Crucial when Boundary Disputes Cross the Line

Feb. 23, 2018

People often say that good fences make good neighbors, meaning that clear, enforceable boundaries between neighbors can prevent a number of contentious disputes.

However, boundary disputes can happen regardless of whether someone puts up a fence. In fact, sometimes the fence is the problem. If you and a neighbor are fighting over property lines and boundaries, then you may want to seriously consider discussing your situation with an attorney. Doing so can help you avoid or resolve a number of issues like those we discuss below.

Fights Over Fences

Fence-related disputes might include placement of a fence, covering the cost of repairing a fence, and the purpose of the fence. As noted in this FindLaw.com article, Florida has laws that address each of these issues, but without legal experience and knowledge, it can be difficult to identify a fair, lawful resolution to these matters.

Battling Over Branches

Things like tree branches can be hazardous, obstruct homeowners’ views and create problems with a person’s lawn and home, which can be especially frustrating when the tree is on someone else’s property. As such, neighbors may fight about who is responsible for or allowed to do something about the issue.

Uneasiness Over Easements

An easement gives another part permission to utilize or access someone else’s property. Disputes can arise when easements are ignored, violated or not disclosed in real estate transactions.

These and other types of boundary disputes can become quite contentious, especially when they involve allegations of misconduct or threaten a real estate transaction. Such arguments can destroy neighborhood relationships and lead to costly, complicated legal battles if they are not addressed fairly and in a timely manner.

Considering all that could be at stake, it is wise to discuss such property disputes with an experienced real estate attorney sooner, rather than later.