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Legal Support During the Sale of A Home Can Be Invaluable

Oct. 25, 2017

Getting ready to sell one’s home can be very scary. It is a huge undertaking to uproot one’s life and move to a new place, let alone manage all of the responsibilities of ensuring that the transaction of selling one’s home to a new buyer goes smoothly. While many Floridians believe that they can rely solely on the support of real estate agents to get things done, they may, in fact, benefit from the help of real estate attorneys.

The sale of a home is an agreement and an agreement is a contract. A contract establishes legally binding responsibilities between the parties that sign their names to it; before putting one’s name on the dotted line of a real estate agreement, it makes sense to have that document reviewed and scrutinized by a professional who makes the law their business.

Not all real estate sales are the same, and in the world of residential real estate, sellers may have to offer their homes through short sales and other less than desirable means. Real estate attorneys can help protect sellers as they work to satisfy their mortgages and complete their real estate transactions.

Most real estate sales involve the transfer of money from a buyer to a seller and that transfer can be impacted by tax obligations and other financial consequences related to the encumbrances the seller may have placed on their property. Real estate attorneys can advise their clients on how best to manage their property-related financial obligations to protect their money and complete their real estate sales.

Selling a home can be emotionally taxing and intellectually complex. Enlisting the help of a real estate attorney can help smooth over the challenges that occur during sales transactions and protect the interests of individuals who put their properties up for sale.

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