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Protecting Your Pets with An Estate Plan

May 9, 2018

Pets are a valued and loved member of families all across Boca Raton. If you are a pet owner, then you likely know that animals can be just as important as any person in terms of companionship and love.

However, pets are not treated like people in the eyes of the law, so owners need to take extra steps to protect them in certain situations. For instance, owners will want to think about their pets when it comes to their estate plan because failing to do so could have upsetting consequences.

Making Plans

If your pet outlives you, then someone will need to take care of that pet. As this article notes, you could assign someone to take care of the pet, like one of your children or a close friend. Alternatively, you could select an organization that would be willing to take in and care for the animal.

You should also think about the financial elements of caring for a pet, as it can be expensive. Consider setting aside money for the animal’s benefit. This might be as simple as specifying an amount in a will, or it could involve setting up a trust for your pet.

Either option allows you to set aside money specifically for the pet’s needs, including food, shelter and medical expenses.

Sharing Your Plans

Discussing your plans with loved ones as well as an attorney can be crucial in making certain that your wishes are carried out properly. Even if you put your wishes in a will, the will may not be immediately available or read, and an animal should not go days or longer without someone taking care of it.

Talking to someone about your plans also gives people the opportunity to ask you questions. This can be crucial, especially for the party who would take in the pet.

Pet owners should not overlook plans for their beloved companions when it comes to creating an estate plan. Just like any other loved one, pets can have a difficult time adjusting to a devastating loss. Ensuring there is a plan and resources in place can make this transition a little easier.