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Understanding the Process of A Commercial Real Estate Disposition

Nov. 11, 2020

There are many moving parts within the commercial aspect of Florida real estate. Some aspects can be used to improve a home’s value while others allow the owner to utilize the property for the pursuit of a business venture. Of these includes the disposition of real estate. This is when you liquidate property to obtain additional cash. The following includes further information on this term as well as tips on how to properly navigate it to ensure the best results possible.

What Is a Disposition in Real Estate?

Disposition in real estate is the process of liquidating assets in order to obtain cash quickly. People will use these funds to expand their business or simply have additional cash on hand. Disposition is often thought of as the last step in investing in real estate. You’ve probably heard the process before as it is often mentioned in popular television shows as a “fix and flip.” Investors purchase a property, fix it and then flip it to obtain a profit.

Tips to Keep in Mind

Timing is an incredibly important part of when you should sell a property. This is why it is important to hire a commercial broker to educate you on your location’s market. A broker may also teach you about playing hard to get. Although you don’t want to take the first offer that is presented to you, it is important to keep buyers up to date about the deal.

Another important tip is to have all your documents ready to go. This is imperative because you want to be transparent with your real estate agent and any buyers that place an offer. It may also keep you safe from potential lawsuits regarding your property’s condition or occupants.

As you can see, there are many aspects of this process. Having legal assistance from an attorney may place you in a better position to see a positive end result.