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Protect Loved Ones With A Guardianship

From their office in Boca Raton, Peter J. Snyder, P.A., provides comprehensive legal advice for estate planning, guardianship and probate matters throughout Florida. In addition to working with individuals who are looking to establish guardianships, their legal team will also assist guardians who need guidance fulfilling their legal duties.

A Durable Power Of Attorney May Not Be Adequate

Some families may have established a durable power of attorney to guard against the risk of a loved one becoming incapacitated. While an individual holding a power of attorney has some authority to make decisions on behalf of the loved one, the power granted is limited and may be revoked at any time.

A guardianship is an appointment to act on behalf of another under court supervision. The guardian has a much greater scope of authority when acting on another person’s behalf than an agent holding a power of attorney. Guardians are also responsible for the ward’s physical well-being and can make sure they receive care in the facility best suited for their needs.

A court requires every guardian to be represented by an attorney because guardianship is a long, complex, legal process. Attorney Peter J. Snyder has more than 36 years of estate planning experience. He understands how to get a guardian appointed in a timely manner, providing you and your loved ones with greater peace of mind. He can also assist with other estate law matters, including probating an estate.

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