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Posts tagged "Estate Planning"

Is power of attorney the same thing as a guardianship?

If you have an elderly parent or loved one, then end-of-life care and decision-making authority may be something you are thinking about. After all, it is natural to be concerned with someone's well-being as he or she gets older and perhaps begins to show signs of mental and/or physical decline.

Durable power of attorney: do I really need to create one?

People typically do not like to think or talk about subjects like what will happen to assets and property when we are gone, or who will make decisions for us if we cannot make them ourselves. However, ignoring these subjects because they are uncomfortable will not make them go away. In fact, it could only make things more difficult. 

App aims to increase donations to charity - what could go wrong?

It sounds like a great idea: a young woman is inspired to cure cancer. She is not a medical professional, but she is tech savvy. She uses this knowledge to build an app that aims to increase charitable donations -- hoping many will donate to cancer research.

3 traits to look for when choosing an executor

The executor of an estate is the person tasked with making sure everything goes well in the event of your passing. Essentially, this person is supposed to take care of the expenses of the estate, value the assets in the estate and distribute according to the estate plan. An individual becomes an executor either by getting named so within the will or by court appointment.

If you own property, you should have an estate plan

This Boca Raton blog has offered its readers a variety of informative posts on different devices that individuals may include when preparing their personal estate plans. From wills to medical directives and everything in between, it can be easy for readers to make excuses for why they do not believe they need to endeavor into the seemingly complex world of estate planning.

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