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Real Estate Litigation Attorney in Boca Raton, Florida

The housing market in Florida continues to grow with sales surging from one year to the next. There’s been an especially high growth (65.6% from 2020 to 2021) in cash sales. Because of this unprecedented growth, it’s essential you protect your own interests. If you’re involved in a real estate dispute and have concerns about what your next steps are, reaching out to a lawyer with years of experience in commercial and residential real estate can help. If you’re in Boca Raton, Florida, or the surrounding areas of Delray Beach or Deerfield Beach, Peter J. Snyder, P.A. can help you look at all your options for litigation and set you up for success.

Involved in Real Estate Litigation?

Common Causes of Disputes

Disputes can arise for a number of reasons, and each reason has its own implications for eventual litigation.

  • Breach of Contract: Because contracts are so important in establishing the economic agreement between two parties, when one party breaches that contract, it can cause far-reaching consequences. This is why it’s highly recommended to have a real estate attorney review your contract before you sign it.

  • Fraud: Fraudulently representing a property when selling a home is a common cause of real estate disputes and litigation. This can occur when the seller misrepresents the value of the property or neglects to disclose the history of the home. Mortgage fraud can also lead to litigation.

  • Zoning/Permit Issues: A misunderstanding of Florida land-use laws can cause buyers and sellers to obtain the wrong permits and encounter zoning issues. Problems can stem from an easement, building, or boundary dispute.

  • Property Defects: Sellers are required to disclose any known defects of the property to a potential buyer. If they don't, a buyer can litigate against any seller who knowingly sells a property without disclosing defects. However, they must prove that it was reasonable for the seller to know about it.

  • Construction Issues: Problems that arise from defects, poor workmanship, or injuries on the job site can cause a construction dispute either toward the seller or the contractor.

Resolving Disputes

Not all real estate disputes need to go to court, and in some cases, a real estate lawyer can settle the matter through mediation or arbitration. However, sometimes litigation is the only course of action.

  • Mediation: Mediation occurs when both parties come together to make a joint decision out of court.

  • Arbitration: Arbitration is an alternative to mediation when the two parties cannot come to an agreement. In this case, the evidence will be sent to an arbitrator to make a decision.

  • Litigation: Unfortunately, many disputes must go through litigation. This is often the only way to truly get the recompense you deserve, especially if the other side refuses to negotiate. If this is the case, Attorney Snyder’s attention to detail will ensure you’re listened to closely and that all the evidence from your case is clearly and skillfully presented to best represent your interests.

How Legal Counsel Can Help

Whether you’re purchasing commercial or residential real estate, it’s all too common for disputes to arise. While you can’t always control what happens within a real estate transaction, you can take steps to protect yourself and your finances by hiring an experienced real estate lawyer to represent you during litigation.

By calling Peter J. Synder, P.A., you’ll be taking the first steps to see your litigation claims through till the end and ensure an equitable outcome. Attorney Snyder has the resources and experience to guide and represent clients in real estate-related litigation issues. As your legal counsel, he will evaluate every detail of your case and help you understand your options for resolution.

Real Estate Litigation Attorney in Boca Raton, Florida

If you're involved in a real estate dispute, contact Peter J. Snyder, P.A. today to schedule a simple case assessment. Attorney Snyder can offer you the detailed legal guidance, support, and strong representation you need to successfully navigate your case. His firm is proud to serve clients in Boca Raton, Florida, as well as Delray Beach and Deerfield Beach.