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You Have Questions About Probate In Florida, We Have Answers

No one looks forward to probating an estate. Probate is an often complex, time-consuming and expensive legal process. At Peter J. Snyder, P.A., attorney Peter J. Snyder helps people throughout Florida navigate probate law and find solutions to their legal needs. He understands that you probably have many questions about what to expect from probate. This page will take the time to answer some of these questions.

1. What is probate?

Probate is a legal process in which the court administers a deceased person’s estate. Generally, probate involves determining the validity of a will. If a will does not exist, then the court distributes the decedent’s estate according to state guidelines.

2. How long does probate take?

This depends on the complexity of the estate. Simple estates take less time to pass through probate than complex ones. If an interested party contests an aspect of the estate, this will extend the duration of probate as well. There is no way to determine how long probate will take unless you speak with a probate attorney.

3. Is it possible to avoid probate?

In many circumstances, yes. While alive, you can create a last will and testament and a living trust. These tools can help your loved ones avoid probate and can minimize the impact of taxes on your estate.

4. Do I need a probate attorney?

It is possible to administer an estate without a probate lawyer, but this is not always wise. Hiring an attorney can save you time, money and effort. Your attorney can help you file paperwork, contact beneficiaries, communicate with creditors, attend court hearings and handle many other matters.

Do You Have More Questions About Probate?

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